Why we need POSTDOCNL

Postdoctoral researchers (postdocs) make up a large part of the scientific workforce in academia. However, they are quite invisible as a group for policy makers. To address this, the POSTDOCNL platform has been initiated, with the goal of uniting and representing postdocs from all backgrounds and knowledge institutions in The Netherlands.


POSTDOCNL will serve as an advocate for postdocs since there are many postdoc-related issues that are in need of improvement, including:

  1. Limited career perspectives within academia and no structural support to transition to a career outside academia.
  2. Project-based work and short-term contract solutions, creating long-term employment issues.
  3. Lack of voice within knowledge institutions, unlike PhD students (united in the Promovendi Network Nederland: PNN) and faculty with a permanent contract.

All postdocs of The Netherlands are invited to join the POSTDOCNL group on LinkedIn.


Do you have suggestions for the platform, are you interested in joining our workgroup, or would you like to serve as a contact person within your institution? Please contact us at postdocnl (at) outlook (dotcom).


POSTDOCNL started as an initiative of the following workgroup:

  • Dr. Marjolein Blaauboer VUmc (chair)
  • Dr. Julitta Boschman AMC
  • Dr. Monique van der Voet on behalf of the Radboud Postdoc Initiative at Radboudumc
  • Dr. Ghaith Bakdash on behalf of the Radboud Postdoc Initiative at Radboudumc
  • Dr. Christina Helbig Sanquin
  • Dr. Jozien Helleman on behalf of the Erasmus MC Postdoc Network
  • Dr. Laura Berger on behalf of TRAP at Radboud University
  • Dr. Mettine Bos on behalf of the Young Faculty Network at LUMC
  • Dr. Arjo Loeve TU Delft




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