What can a local post-doc network do?


The goal of a local post-doc network is to facilitate post-doctoral researchers in their professional development as a scientist and to improve current post-doc’s lack of representation as a specific scientific rank. This could be realized through:

  • raising awareness among post-doctoral researchers of the broad range of important aspects for a successful career in science
  • providing the opportunity for post-doctoral researchers to exchange work experiences, plans, challenges, tips and tricks, both plenary and during peer-to-peer coaching sessions
  • sharing information about (inter)national activities for post-doctoral researchers at the institute
  • organizing plenary sessions, workshops and discussions on how to shape a scientific career and to develop academic as well as transferable skills, such as:
    • grant proposal writing
    • leadership and management skills
    • work-life balance
    • social media for academics
    • networking
    • professional branding
    • career empowerment: high level CV writing, job applications, interview, career orientation
    • time and project management
    • competences and development
    • personal branding
    • conflict management
    • communication styles