About the platform


Post-doctoral researchers make up a large part of the scientific workforce in academia. However, they are quite invisible as a group for policy makers. To address this, the POSTDOCNL platform has been initiated, with the goal of uniting and representing post-doctoral researchers from all backgrounds and knowledge institutions in The Netherlands.


POSTDOCNL will serve as an advocate for post-doctoral researchers, and our mission is to improve the issues that they experience, including:

  1. Work on solutions for the issues on CAO/WWZ regulations regarding temporary contracts versus project-based work, together with union (VAWO) (Legal)
  2. Increase visibility of post-doctoral researchers and their voice on local and national level, through setting up local networks, registering postdocs from the start of their employment (Local networks), and representing them nationally through PostdocNL – build up a network, PR and work on policies (PR and Policy)
  3. Career development for post-doctoral researchers, in academia as well as outside academia (Policy)

All post-doctoral researchers of The Netherlands are invited to join the POSTDOCNL group on LinkedIn.



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