Survey on Covid-19 related issues

The Covid-19 crisis forces society to take a likely long break. It is inevitable that much human and social damage will occur. To gain a better understanding of what is going on with postdocs in times of the corona crisis, we ask you to fill in a few questions via our Twitter polls and/or Google Forms survey:

Google Forms survey:

With the results, we will approach policy makers (e.g. OCW, EZ, VSNU, NFU), funding bodies (e.g. NWO, ZonMW) and other organizations to develop a good strategy to support postdocs in these difficult times and to secure their opportunities for the future. It is important not to lose sight of the long term in this context. There will be a time after Corona, and if we don’t want today’s postdocs to miss their chances of existing, unprecedented interventions and changes are necessary. On behalf of the PostdocNL board, thank you for your efforts!