JOIN THE FORCE: PostdocNL is here to represent you

The board of POSTDOCNL has been working for you, a new website has been launched at and we have been in contact with PCDI, PNN, VAWO, and Federa to discuss our ideas. We have formed four committees with the task to unite and represent postdocs:

  1. Committee LEGAL – will collect and spread information about contracts, work legislation and work agreements, through close contact with the workers unions. We are looking for postdocs with a background in law or MBA to support this committee.
  2. Committee LOCAL NETWORKS – will maintain close contact with local postdoc networks and support the start of new initiatives.
  3. Committee POLICY – will represent postdocs in the Netherlands on a national level, by formulating statements on issues related to postdocs and starting a dialogue with national policy makers and organizations.
  4. Committee PUBLIC RELATIONS – will manage online platforms and increase exposure of POSTDOCNL.

Do you support our mission and are you interested in joining us, please send an e-mail to [email protected] and join the LinkedIn group. We would like the board to represent as many institutions as possible, so postdocs from Groningen, Wageningen, Maastricht, Eindhoven, Tilburg, Utrecht and Enschede are extra welcome!


– Marjolein Blaauboer




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