Join I Lab U!

Have you ever tried to explain to the public what you do for a living? And, how easy was it? Not much, right?! We know how you feel. Depending on your mood and who is asking, you might sound like you are speaking in a different boring language, or like you are one of those crazy weird scientists we see in the movies! 

This is why we created the I Lab U initiative. So people can meet in an informal setting, kind of like ‘speed-dating’, and talk about what their views on science are. Our speed dates are not about romance but about connecting people. You will get paired with members of the public and have five minutes to just… talk. What exactly you talk about is up to you. Do you want to talk about your current research? Do you want to see the public’s opinion on your scientific topic?

Join our I Lab U speed dating events to improve your science communication and be given a chance to move people closer to what they don’t understand.. science!

Where? In Rotterdam and Delft (including an event at Erasmus MC!)

When? Friday evenings once a month from January to May 2020.

Our events are themed so they mimic the steps of a good first date, which inspired relevant interesting scientific topics. So, be creative and join your favourite event! The events are in English, but dates can also be in Dutch.

For our full agenda and to register to join our events, please visit our website. To receive our updates, you can also follow us on social media: facebook & Instagram. And if you have any questions, feel free to email us on: [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events!

Thank you,

The I Lab U team