Input asked about consequences of WWZ (law on temporary contracts)

Dear PostdocNL community,


We draw your urgent attention to the fact that the government is asking for input on the experiences of employees and employers with the ‘Wet werk en zekerheid (WWZ)’, the law that limits the number of temporary contracts an employer can give sequentially to an employee.


We as PostdocNL would like to provide the government with examples of how the law affects scientific employees with temporary contracts. If you have seen or experienced the effects of the WWZ, please share your story by e-mailing us at [email protected] before tomorrow (February 25th) 12:00 (noon). We will process your responses and send them anonymized to the government, in an effort to change things for the better.


Please forward this message to as many people as possible.


For more information: “Tweede Kamer wil graag uw mening over WWZ”


Thank you for your cooperation,







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