I was just told that my contract can not be extended for the duration of my parental leave; the result of the new WWZ. What can I do about it?

It is very unfortunate that you have received that message, but it is not true: your contract can be extended on a temporary basis. The Dutch Parliament stresses that it is not the intention of the WWZ to prohibit extensions due to leave of absence.


You can start the discussion with your Human Resource manager by forwarding the following POSTDOCNL webpage: Algemeen overleg WWZ wetenschap.


On the webpage you will find a video (Algemeen Overleg WWZ) and an official document (Zwangere wetenschappers en verlenging contract) by the House of Representatives, both clearly demonstrate that there should be no question that your contract can be extended. You can contact the labor union (such as VAWO) in case the extension is still denied.


Do you come across other problems? Let us know: https://www.postdocnl.com/black-book/





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